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Tipping Competition

Welcome to the BroncoNet Tipping Competition.  This is a tipping competition with a difference.  Instead of tipping the winners of all NRL Premiership matches, you only have to tip the Broncos game of the week!  But it gets a bit more tricky than just predicting if the Broncos will win or not.  You pick the score, and your score is based on how close you get to the actual final score.

Even more testing, you have to try and predict the Broncos' first try scorer for the match.

All up you can earn up to 20 points per week if you pick the exact score and try scorer.  However, even if you only manage to get the winner right, you still earn a point.

This year, Allan Langer Clothing is on board offering some great prizes for the best overall tipster.  And there might just be a famous face or two enter the competition alongside the fans!

To play you need to be a registered BroncoNet Passport holder.  All you need to do to enter is make a tip on any game.  Simple as that!  Click Play on the left menu to begin.

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