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The Tale From The North

The Brisbane Broncos have been one of the expansion success stories in Australian rugby league. After their admission in 1988, the Broncos tasted immediate success on and off the field. In their first decade, the club won three premierships, three preseason competitions, two World Club Challenges and set a series of attendance records.

Off the field they have become one of Australian sports most sponsored and financially self sufficient entities. However with the good came the bad. Their involvement in the most bitter sporting war in Australian sporting history has made them one of the most hated clubs within their sport. But all the good they do for the game of Rugby League far outweighs the bad.

In this section, the history of the Broncos is presented in detail, from a range of sources including the excellent book written by Adrian McGregor titled Wally and the Broncos plus Alf: The Allan Langer Story and Brave Hearts by Kevin Walters. Also used extensively is a must-have for any Rugby League fan, The Encyclopedia of Rugby League Players which contains statistics on every first grade rugby league player between 1908-1998.

This section is set out chronologically, and as you'll notice the sections are in 3/4 year bursts. The last section 2000-02 will continue to be added to throughout the exciting new century that is about to begin, a new beginning for Rugby League.

Disclaimer: All articles in this section are written by Chris Cox and is an interpretation of the events that have occurred as reported in the media and in each of the books mentioned above.

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