Your Privacy and BroncoNet

Your privacy, and particularly your private information, is extremely important to us at BroncoNet.  The site is for your enjoyment only and is not used for any kind of collection of private information about you or how you use this site or anything else.

Registration Information

If you are asked to register for a particular section of the site, be it the BroncoNet Passport, the Ikin-Board Forum or even personal details for the BroncoNet Charity Choice, this information will be used solely for the purposes of running those facilities.

Information provided will be passed onto third parties only with your written permission and only if it is necessary in delivering prizes or other deliverables to do with the site.

In most cases, your personal information can be updated and maintained yourself, however you may not be able to remove your details.  If you wish to have your details removed from all BroncoNet databases, contact the site administrators by emailing .


Cookies are small data files that are shared between your browser and the site to maintain state information about your usage of the site. This maintains information such as whether you have logged into BroncoNet Passport or the forums, which corner graphic should be displayed and so on.

These cookies do not hold or gather personal information about you that is sent to the site and they are setup only for the purposes of running this site.

If you have cookies turned off you will have difficulties using some aspects of the site.

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