Player Zone - Brad Meyers

Age: 24
Date of Birth: January 5, 1980
Height: 190cm (1.9m)
Weight: 107kg
First Grade Games: 85
Tries: 6
Goals: 0
Field Goals: 0
Points: 24

Every club has one - that player who tries so hard but is more often than not remembered for his glitches than his triumphs.  Meyers burst onto the scene as one of the game's brightest prospects in 2001, when he helped inspire Queensland to their memorable series triumph against the odds.

But since then he has seemingly gone backwards in his career.  He spent time with the Clydesdales in 2003, and the majority of his appearances in 2003 were off the bench. 

However, the club saw more in him, offering him a new four-year contract last season, earmarking him as a leader and cornerstone of the pack.  He has much to live up to, and if he can regain the confidence that he found in 2001 he can live up to those expectations.

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