Explosive Storm in Brisbane tonight!
Saturday September 11, 2004

Tonight the Broncos continued the trend of leading their opposition into half time, only to fall asleep in the second. The Broncos started the game strongly, completing their sets, putting a clearing kick in away from Billy Slater, following with a good kick-chase game and throwing themselves around in defence. The Broncos scored a classic try from Tonie Carroll running a beautiful line off a Darren Lockyer short ball to crash over Billy Slater sending the crowd wild. Lockyer converted the try to lead the Storm six points to nil.


The Broncos continued to control possession and played in the Storm’s half for the remaining thirty minutes. The Storm continued to struggle with the Broncos speed of rucks, and in their effort to slow them down, gave away a penalty right in front of their goals. Lockyer added the two points and went into half time leading eight points to nil.


In the second half the Melbourne Storm exploded, scoring six try’s against the Broncos one. The Broncos second half performance was nothing short of ‘poor’. To their credit the Storm played sensational finals football, they completed ninety percent of their sets, were creative in attack and punishing in defence. The Broncos had little joy in the second half with a gutsy solo try from Brent Tate. Tate received a neat pass from Lockyer and palmed off his defender, palmed off Billy Slater, pinned the ears back and raced ninety meters to score an amazing try. Lockyer added the extras and Brisbane were back into the game. The Broncos failed to gain any momentum from this try and the Storm continued their skillful display and sent the Broncos packing.


The Broncos future in this season’s finals system now rests in the game between the Roosters and the Raiders. If the Roosters lose to the Raiders, the Broncos will be eliminated, but if the Roosters win, the Broncos will play the Cowboys in the Semi-Final in Sydney next Saturday. The Broncos form doesn’t give many fans any hope that they could beat the Cowboys, especially after their respective games tonight. The Cowboys played with intensity and passion tonight, but the one aspect of their game which impressed me tonight was: they played to their strengths. The Cowboys spun it wide, were creative and weren’t afraid to throw the ball around.


On the other side of border, the Broncos were playing one-out, boring football. Their second half was absolutely terrible, except from a couple pieces of brilliance from Darren Lockyer and Brent Tate. The Broncos need to get back to playing to their strengths: Dane Carlaw needs to run off the fringes, close the line Lockyer needs to look for a repeat set with his short kicks, Casey McGuire needs to run at the line more, Gorden Tallis needs to involved in more set pieces and most importantly Shaun Berrigan and Tate need to be given early clean ball with decoy runners creating gaps for them to hit.


Gorden Tallis played his last home game for the Broncos tonight and didn’t Gorden show it! He played with passion and aggression giving the fans one last look at “THE RAING BULL”. Although the result isn’t how the Broncos wanted to send him out, we must all remember what a great football player and individual Gorden is/was. As a footballer, I haven’t seen a better back rower to play the game, his sheer aggression, athletic ability and power through the line couldn’t be matched by any player in the last fifteen years. All of those skills make a good player, but it was his passion which made him the best. He played with his heart on his sleave, that’s why I think he’s the best. As an individual you couldn’t fault him. ‘A gentle giant’ my grandmother calls him, after a chat in a suburban shopping centre. Will share a laugh with anyone who will tell him a joke…if he’s not telling one himself. Gave time to others, has strong principles and is a born leader. And on that note…we farewell one of the game’s most loyal, passionate and respected players in its proud history.

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