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About BroncoNet

How It Started

BroncoNet formed in humble beginnings in July, 1995 when Chris Cox, in the first year of his Bachelor of IT at QUT, began experimenting with HTML as part of his studies.  The Unofficial Brisbane Broncos Home Page was born.  However, it didn't last long.  Leading into mid-semester exams Chris' computer privileges were removed by QUT staff for making inappropriate use of University facilities.

After arguing reinstatement, a close friend, Sam Taylor, allowed Chris to use his own web space to continue the site.  There it remained throughout the 1996 season, gradually improving with better graphics, better information and steadily maturing writing!

That year, Steve Williams, an ex-patriat Broncos fan who was doing web development for the United States Rugby League, donated his time and skills to develop an outstanding front page montage which remained on the site until 2000, when it was updated to reflect the modern kings Darren Lockyer and Gorden Tallis.

In 1997, Chris began his professional web development career and began applying his skills to the site itself.  Born was the Player of the Year competition, enhanced was the Ultimate World XIII and the beginnings of the Broncos Tipping Competition.

In 1998, the site moved to Candela, who were working on developing a Rugby League portal.  However, when the site was brought down during Grand Final week of 1998, a professional hosting service was investigated.  That needed a domain name. was born. 

Over the next four years the site underwent massive innovations:
  • ResSearch - an unmatched search engine of all Broncos results back to 1988
  • BroncoNet Tipping Competition
  • Automated photo gallery
  • Automated news systems
  • Enhanced match reports

In 2001 the domain name was stolen, but the site was again reborn as

And now, in 2003, the site has reached its latest peak.

The Team

BroncoNet, and the Unofficial Brisbane Broncos Home Page, has always been Chris Cox's brain child, his labour of love.  Now he is beginning to spread the joy of delivering the best Brisbane Broncos web site in existence with a new, young team ready to broaden the horizons of a 7-year regime.

Chris Cox - Administrator and Creator
Chris has been involved with developing the site since 1995 and has been a pioneer in the field of Rugby League on the internet.  He continues his involvement in the new site, developing the site integrated with Creatop's SmartSite Content Management System which was kindly donated, and in his writing and statistical updates.

Shaun Zalami - Graphic Design and Administrative Assistant
Shaun runs his own very successful Wrestling Forum web forum and has kindly donated his time to help enhance the graphical look and feel of BroncoNet as well as helping with administrative work and writing articles. Shaun is another dedicated fan in enemy territory, living in Sydney.

Simon Roberts - Writer
Simon is a talented young writer who is looking to branch into professional sports journalism after university. Simon is one of the most dedicated Broncos fans around, no mean effort considering he lives in Canberra.

Michael McLucas - Writer and Administrative Assistant
Another enthusiastic young fan, Michael benefits from some personal knowledge of some of the Broncos staff and players and provides a unique insight into the club.  His sense of humour is sure to gain attention on the site over the coming years.

Mark Turner - Feature Writer
Aka theVodkaCircle, Mark has been writing some of the most entertaining feature articles on BroncoNet for a number of years. Although very busy, Mark will hopefully be available to add to his growing archive of literary masterpieces!

Antony Pryke - Charity Choice Founder
He was the brainchaild behind the BroncoNet Charity Choice and remains heavily involved in its day to day running.

Ray Burnett - Administrative Assistant
Ray has long been a fan of the Broncos and BroncoNet itself and he brings his experience and maturity to assisting in the running of the site, whether it be in providing live updates of matches, helping maintain features of the site or simply keeping an eye on the forums.

BroncoNet Wants You!

Do you think you have what it takes to help us out?  If you can do any of the following:
  • write news items/feature articles/reports
  • reliably post live updates of matches
  • find and upload photos for the galleries
  • help maintain the tipping competition, trivia game and passport

Contact and find out about joining the BroncoNet team!

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