Player Zone - Allan Langer

Age: 38
Date of Birth: July 30, 1966
Height: 165cm (1.65m)
Weight: 79kg
First Grade Games: 258
Tries: 100
Goals: 7
Field Goals: 5
Points: 419

Queensland's respect and love for Allan Langer was never displayed more clearly than by the reaction of the people after his shock retirement on April 28, 1999. There were tears, there were thousands of tributes, even histerical phone calls to radio stations praying it was a late April Fool's joke.

It showed what everyone had known for years. Allan Langer is a legend.

The plaudits came from all over the country, from the Prime Minister, from former rivals, former teammates and even rivals from other sports. Langer's genial personality, cheeky character and undoubted humility enarmored himself with everyone associated with the game.

On the field, he was the most dominant player the Broncos have ever produced. He could crack the best defensive lines with ease, put the biggest attacking forwards on their backsides, and would never, ever give up.

He was the Queensland spirit incarnate. A wonderful leader who never took himself too seriously. He was no angel, and never pretended to be, and that is why people could relate to him so well.

A small man in stature, but a giant heart. A champion.

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